The Company Story

The Company Story

The deep sense of connection that is generated with the horse has been an experience that has sustained me in every way possible in every situation possible. As a child I dreamed about horses, I pretended to be on a horse, I pretended to be a horse and finally when I got my first pony at 6 years old I began riding, and have never stopped. It is this experience that is at the core of the ethos, and vision of KTHTL

  • The qualities of cooperation, connection, leadership, courage, and communication that riders experience on our treks permeates throughout their lives thus asking them to become whole.
  • The love of, and riding of horses is age, experience, race, and gender independent.
  • Horses are peace makers because of their insistence on integrity with all their interactions
  • Horses do not care how much we know until they know how much we care

My life’s journey has always been about a quest for healing, and wholeness from survivor to Nurse, mother, to Counsellor and finally back to the horse. These horse treks with the emphasis on teaching and enabling the connectedness with horses is the place where it all comes together for me. Sharing this confluence in my life by creating this business is what the horse treks is, an opportunity for anyone drawn to the magic of the horse\human relationship in its simplest and most enjoyable form.

The intention of KTHTL is to offer this connection in its safest, most accessible and potent form with professionalism and consciousness. We offer horse activities with a partnering up session preceding them that augments the connection with the horse thus offering more than just a ride on a horse. Riders leave with more than they expected.

The business has this theme of connection throughout all its relationships. Partnering up sessions occur at each level and between levels within the organisation, and between the organisation and its surrounding community.

The structure and systems throughout the business reflect this attitude acting as the vehicle and glue that hold and affirm each intention to its purpose, each function to its task, each person to their dream, and each structure to its solidness.

Kate Tapley 2002


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